• What your make-up says about you?

    Your make-up actually makes a great difference to your personality and the way people perceive you.


    Whether you wish to get promoted or just wish to create a certain impression of yourself in front of your colleagues, create a look that works for you. We tell you how


    Here's what certain looks communicate about you:


    Joyce Giraud


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    Too much glamour


    Unless you're working a very creative field like beauty, fashion etc, too much make-up, false lashes, glitter, too much blush, etc can be distracting at work and can also portray you as a junior person. Remember, dress your age. Do not try to look younger or matured. Just be who you are.


    Bad shape of brows


    Your eyebrows are very expressive and can speak a lot about you. Well-groomed, full eyebrows give off a more polished, confident look, while angular eyebrows makes you appear more commanding. A round brow signifies a soft, approachable and humble nature.


    Scars on face


    A recent study says that poeple with facial lesions, including scars and birthmarks did not fare well in job interviews. Such candidates are distracting to interviewers and thus end up getting not-so-good ratings. Hence taking care of your skin as well as using make-up to hide imperfections may work well.


    Your colour of choice


    You may have often heard people asking you to wear red for interviews as red is a symbol of confidence, energy, passion, strength and excitement. If you're using red lipstick, choose the shade that matches your skin tone. If you love blue, sport it. It indicates trust, honesty and dependability. Use a blue eye shadow or an eye pencil. Also, pink is youthful and symbolises life and feminity. But apply pink blush or lipstick, do not overdo it.

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  • The skinny on dangerous fashion choices

    FASHION has never been my strong suit.Excuse the pun.My wardrobe consists of more tee shirts with pathetically funny slogans than ones deemed appropriate in public.My shoe collection doesn't go far past the pair of Vans which were bought for me for work.And as for those suits (yes, the literal ones this time), well… I'm sure they did fit me at some point.It therefore goes without saying that it's more than a little strangeOne could even say it is not a "suit"-able column topic for me.Okay, I'll stop with those now.What I won't stop, however, is talking about fashion.And I can assure you I've never said that sentence before in my life.


    BEAUTY IS PAIN? Reports a woman was hospitalised after squatting for several hours in skinny leg jeans, makes you question the choice to wear something too tight.


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    Truth be told, I just don't care about fashion anywhere near as much as I should.It's only now that I hear there are ramifications to our health that I feel the need to step in.For those who haven't heard, an Adelaide woman was in fact hospitalised this week…for wearing skinny jeans.Yes. You read correctly.So skinny were these jeans that doctors actually reported nerve and muscle damage, and the jeans needed to be cut off the patient's legs.Wow. Skinny jeans are so much crueller than we thought.Only…hang on a second.


    How the flip is this the jeans' fault?Well, according to many commentators on the issue, those denim demons are solely to blame.Some have said the fashion industry has gone too far. Some have said skinny jeans are the corset of the 21st Century. Some have said we may as well stop making clothing for the bottom half of the body altogether.Well, at least, they may as well have.Don't get me wrong. I am taking this seriously, and I hope the woman in question here is okay.That said, anyone who is wearing jeans tight enough to inflict nerve and muscle damage is hardly the most valuable member of the jean pool.Yes, I know that's the wrong spelling; I just wanted to squeeze in another pun.


    What I refuse to squeeze into, however, is an article of clothing too tight for comfort.Ask yourself, honestly: if your pants are hugging your legs to the point of unbearable pain…is it worth it?If you've said no, congratulations.If you've said yes, then there are some priorities you need to iron out.And if you've said that it depends on how "indie" you want to be, then I say just grow your beards longer and wear more elaborate glasses or something.The point is, when non-lethal items are getting blamed for things going wrong, it's pretty clear we're the ones who have stuffed up somewhere.Skinny jeans aren't dangerous; they're just dangerous in the wrong hands. Or, rather, on the wrong legs.Still, I'd be willing to put money on the fact that those more "indie" among us will not let this health setback curb their enthusiasm for tight trousers.Not that I can judge.Whatever suits.Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

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