• Celebrate stylishly in party-perfect makeup

    Aaron Perkins (making up the face of Rachel Politzer Pahls) offers a few tips on how to get your face holiday-ready.
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    Ladies, the holidays are upon us. And they call for makeup to complete the glitzy and glamorous looks we'll be wearing to various special events.

    Sure, getting your face Christmas or New Year's Eve party-ready is more than just dabbing on bolder-hued eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes in bigger amounts. But it's not rocket science either, assures Little Rock makeup artist Aaron Perkins, owner-operator of Face Your Day Studios.

    "When it comes to makeup this holiday season," Perkins says, "it's all about effortless BB creams [beauty balms -- moisturizer, anti-aging aid and foundation, all in one], shimmery earth-tone shadows, berry lips, and peachy blushers."

    Perkins offers a few makeup tips and tricks for holiday celebrants:

    • Do lashes. Be it extensions or strips, lashes always take a look to the next level.

    • Don't over-glitter. Confine shimmery shades to the lids only.

    • Do cream blush. This will keep your look fresh without leaving the cheeks splotchy.

    • Don't over-line the lips. In photography, this is a great technique for lips to appear fuller. In person, however, this can be quite distracting.

    • Do liquid liner. Ever wanted to have that exaggerated winged eye? This is the perfect time to experiment.

    • Don't sleep in makeup. Be sure to remove all makeup with a cleansing cloth or gentle cleanser before bed.

    Perkins is also a beauty consultant at Celebrate magazine and style chairman for the Nov. 20 Festival of Fashion benefit for CARTI. His clients include state Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and North Little Rock District Judge-elect Paula Juels Jones.

    Link up with fashion

    The Little Rock chapter of The Links Inc. announces the 41st incarnation of its signature fundraising event, the Holiday Jazz Brunch and Fashion Show. This year's brunch will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Little Rock Marriott. Donna Terrell, news anchor for KLRT-TV, Channel 16, is event chairman.

    This year's brunch will feature the fashions of Little Rock's Linda Rowe Thomas. Entertainment will be by Saboor Salaam. Ticket are $75 and can be bought from Gloria Love, chapter president, at (501) 350-4819. Proceeds will help the chapter conduct local projects designed to help improve the quality of life for local families and children.

    Bows of a feather

    Featured in the Neiman Marcus Christmas book: men's bow ties by Brackish -- the feather tie maker.

    Crafted in Charleston, S.C., the bows come in various colors, with fabric center wraps. Styles includes such attention getters as the Hound ($185), made with natural red feathers and a houndstooth wrap; the Pheasant With Snakeskin ($195), layered with pheasant feathers enhanced with hand-stitched snakeskin; and the Peacock ($275), which speaks for itself.

    In Arkansas, Brackish bow ties can be found exclusively at Little Rock gift boutique Powder & Smoke, Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center. "They have been amazing," says owner Mindy Stewart, who began carrying them right before Valentine's Day. "The second I saw them I thought that this is huge for men ... because men are so hard to buy for ... especially the ones that have everything."

    Brackish got its start when founder Ben Ross handcrafted a set of turkey-feather bow ties for the men in his wedding party in 2007, according to brackishbowties.com.

    They've been "flying out of the store," Stewart says.

    Spa move

    La-Tee-Da Salon & Spa, formerly located in a strip mall at 4618 John F. Kennedy Blvd. in North Little Rock, has moved a bit south. The new location is 3784 John F. Kennedy Blvd. (at H Street). Angie Schnebelen, hair designer and color specialist, is the salon owner.

    Janet Petrus, a skin-care specialist who worked in the Little Rock market for nearly two decades, is now at the salon giving facials and clearing up skin-care issues using Eminence, an organic Hungarian skin-care line. (Eminence was voted a favorite for six years in a row by spa professionals, according to Day Spa magazine.) The salon also features the services of massage therapist Sandra McKelvey; Marsha Fisk, hair designer and color specialist; and hair and makeup expert Stacie Mack.

    Winning model

    A belated congratulations goes to model Bryana Carter, who was named The Eventful Cupidon Model 101, Fall 2015 during an Oct. 23 fashion show featuring the work of Little Rock crocheted-fashion designer Lacie Cupani.

    Carter, of Conway, won a $200 voucher toward a trip to London, along with a three-night hotel stay and other prizes. In London, she participated at the Fashion Designers' and Craft Makers' Young Designer Awards and Collections Showcase in London on Oct. 31 and had the chance to volunteer and model for competing European designers.

    On Nov. 1, Carter and European models participated in an "Urban Fashion Models" photo shoot in the city.Read more at:green prom dresses

  • Skin Care Tips For A Lazy Girl

    Today, we women have less time in our hands. We have so many other duties to fulfill that we automatically become lazy when it comes to looking after our skin. Pampering and treating the skin with love and care is important. It is the basic skin care tip to have a flawless, good-looking skin.

    Skin Care Tips For Humid Weather

    Tips For A Lazy Girl
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    Today, Boldsky shares with its readers a handful of skin care tips for a lazy girl. These tips dedicated for a lazy girl include what she needs to do in the morning, through the day and at night before going to bed. These skin care tips for that lazy girl are not time-consuming and on the other hand, they are inexpensive too.

    The one thing that is interesting about these skin care tips is they involve less of chemically treated ingredients/products and more of home remedies. So, even though you lack the time to look after your skin with time-consuming natural facials and treatments, these five to 10 minutes skin care tips will do wonders for you.

    5 Skin Care Tips To Follow Every Morning

    So, take a look at these skin care tips for lazy girls and do accordingly. Pamper your skin with love and care; it will help keep you look young, bright and beautiful.

    Skin Care Tips For A Lazy Girl

    In The Morning

    After washing the face with a natural face wash, allow the water to dry on the face while you get ready for work. This skin care tips benefit your skin in keeping it hydrated.

    While drinking your morning coffee, dab a little moisturiser on one palm of your hand and massage the skin in circular motion. Likewise, apply a thin coat of sun tan cream on the skin 15 minutes before you leave home.

    In The Afternoon

    As soon as you step into the work place, rinse the face with clear running water. Use a homemade face wash to cleanse the dirt and grime. Apply a light coat of moisturiser on the face.

    After lunch, wash the fingers and the hands till the elbow. Rinse the face again and wipe it dry. This skin care tip is the best as it helps remove excess oil from the forehead, cheeks and chin.

    In The Evening

    If you're a makeup freak, the first thing you need to do after getting home is rinse the face with running cold water. Use a makeup cleaner and remove all the makeup from your face.

    Before going to bed, massage a cold cream on the face, hands and legs. This cold cream will clean and pamper the pores on your skin.

    Don't forget to apply a little eye cream for your tired eyes too.Read more at:http://www.marieprom.co.uk/cheap-prom-dresses

  • 10 herbs to battle diabetes

    10 herbs to battle diabetes
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    Studies have revealed that herbs and supplements have shown promise in lowering blood sugar, boosting insulin sensitivity and reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol.

    Along with Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee, Ayurvedic consultant with Satvikshop we give you a list of easily available herbs that will help you battle diabetes. But with any herbal treatments, it is also important to continue to closely monitor blood sugar and other results with your doctor.


    Regulates kapha dosha (stability and structure) due to its astringent, heating and dry nature which is the primary cause of diabetes. It also have good effect on functioning of liver and pancreas

    Direction of use: Root powder: 1-2 gms, decoction: 10 ml-20 ml


    Assist in the regeneration of insulin and producing Beta Cells. It contains Gymnemic Acid whose molecular arrangement is similar to glucose molecules. Gymnemic Acid molecules fill the receptor locations on the taste buds thereby preventing activation of taste buds by sugar molecules present in the food, thus, curbing the sugar craving.

    Direction of use: Powder of dried leaves 3-6gms, decoction of roots 50 - 100 ml


    Apart from regulating kapha dosha it also regulates metabolism due to shot potency.Neem enhances insulin receptor sensitivity and are also helpful in reducing the need for hypo-glycaemic drugs.

    Direction of use: Dried leaves powder- 3-6 gm


    Due to its kashay (astringent) taste and absorptive quality it balances kapha and helps control the frequency of urine and lowering the urine and blood sugar level

    Direction of use: Powder of dried seeds 3 - 6gms


    Due to its kashay (astringent) taste and light and drying nature It balances kapha and regulate glucose level and due to katu vipak, balance metabolism in the body. Works also well for diabetic complications

    Direction of use: Heart wood as decoction 50- 100 mland 3-6 gm as powder.


    Bilva is kaphashamak by ruksha, laghu, Kashaya and bitter properties. These properties makes it effective to regulate the blood sugar and combat diabetic complications.

    Direction of use: Powder of dried unripe fruit 3-6 gm.

    Methi (fenugreek)

    Tikta ras (bitter taste) and ushna virya of methi makes it kapha shamak, which fights the root cause of diabetes

    Direction of use: Seed and whole plant, Powder - 2 to 6 gm


    Because of Katu, tikta, ushna properties Haridra balances kapha which is the primary dosha involved in diabetes. Antiseptic properties of haridra makes it useful in curbing the infections in diabetic patients. It also is beneficial in Boils of skin and urinary tract infections which are very common in diabetics

    Direction of use: Powder of dried Haridra - 2-4 gm , juice of fresh Haridra rhizome is 10-20 ml.

    Karela (Bittergourd)

    Tikta, laghu, ruksha gunas of karelapacify aggravation of kapha. It stimulates pancreas, liver and spleen and regulates blood sugar level. Ruksha guna and katu vipak improves absorption of food and better metabolism.

    Direction of use: Juice of fresh fruit- 10-20ml, dried fruit powder 3-6 gm.Read more at:celebrity inspired dresses