Salmonella poisoning, my last trip abroad before Christmas and preparing the children’s stockings

If you have ever had salmonella poisoning you’ll know just how bad it is


If you have ever had salmonella poisoning you’ll know just how bad it is… Poor Rocco was extremely unwell just before we returned from St Lucia. Before I headed to Tenerife to film my final episode of A Place in the Sun before Christmas, we took him to hospital. A week later when the results came back we discovered he was infected with salmonella. Let’s just say it was horrendous and I wish I had got it rather than having to watch my little boy feel so ill and be violently sick. The NHS have been amazing and thankfully now he is on the mend.

I’m glad I made the decision for the children to stay at home rather than to come with me to Tenerife last week particularly because Rocco was so poorly. However the climate was actually better than it had been the previous week in St Lucia and the children would have enjoyed it had Rocco felt better.


I really like Tenerife. It’s extremely family friendly and with temperatures reaching 27 degrees on 8th December it’s a great place to soak up some winter sun and buy a property.

I spent a lot of the week around Los Christianos and Playa de las Americas which has some excellent shopping – very handy for Christmas! I also visited Los Gigantes which was really nice and less ‘touristy’ than PDLA. I’m about to add some new recommendations for Tenerife on ‘Hamiltons Hotspots’ that are worth checking out.

For this episode I wore a white lace skirt from Darling long prom dresses and a top from Oasis. I then changed into one of my favourite tops from New Look (that I purchased in the summer) and a pretty grey skirt from Hybrid fashion – perfect for the festive party season.

Now that I am back in the UK, I am putting on my Christmas jumper and feeling festive. I’m getting everything ready for one of my favourite times of the year, even more so now because of the children really understanding it all. I’ve bought some personalised Christmas sacks from Not on the High Street for them both and I’m enjoying finding some lovely gifts to put in them.

My first Christmas stocking filler present are some cosy new pyjamas for them. Who doesn’t love new Jim Jams at this time of year? I really like the brand Cyber Jammies and was pleased to see that they have now started selling PJ’s for 2-3 year olds. I’ve ordered Rocco a cute set that says ‘I get all my looks from my daddy’ and I think Tahlia is going to love her little great and orange/red flower jammies.

Clothes are always a great present for children and St Berts Clothing is a newish brand that I’m a big fan of. Perfect for both Winter and Summer, they have some lovely hoodies and tracksuits as well as t-shirts and shorts. Set up in early 2014 by a husband and wife team, Ben and Sarah Godwin founded St Bert’s in early 2014 after they noticed that their kids lived in sweats and tees. They struggled to find clothes that we liked and they liked and also took a battering and survived regular washing, hence they created St Berts. The clothes are trendy, excellent quality and brilliant value for money. I’ve treated Rocco and Tahlia to some hoodies and tracksuit bottoms – cosy and snuggly. I wish they did them for grown ups.

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