• Foods to avoid during gastritis

    Foods to avoid during gastritis
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    Gastritis is a common phenomenon among young as well as adults.

    It is always beneficial to plan your gastritis diet to avoid further aggravation of the problem. People suffering from gastritis often neglect their diet and eat anything and everything to keep their stomach full. They miss the point that various foods increase the problem and lead to complications like stomach cancer in the long run. So, it is very important to have a sound knowledge about what to eat and what to avoid when one is suffering from gastritis.

    The thumb rule is one must strictly stay away from spicy food items that are bad for digestive health. Following a high fibre diet is always necessary for healthy intestinal functioning. A specially designed gastritis diet plan will always prove more than helpful for people suffering from this condition. Along with your personalized diet plan, you must consider the following instructions while you're sorting through the foods to avoid during gastritis. Keep in mind the following things before you pick a platter when your stomach is suffering from gastritis:

    -Avoid, at all costs, deep-fried and fatty food.

    -Don't have pickles, peppers, spicy and very salty food products.

    -Avoid vinegar and food items made using vinegar.

    -Cut on caffeine, alcoholic drinks, citric acid drinks and mustard. It is a myth that soft drinks help in gastritis. Reality is, they don't.

    -Include foods rich in flavonoids, such as apples, cranberries, garlic and onions as they help in curbing the growth of gastritis-causing bacteria.

    -Avoid high fat and high cholesterol foods as they are pretty hard on the digestive system and can certainly aggravate the condition.

    -Avoid gorging on meat like beef, fried fish and pork.

    -Avoid dairy products like milk shakes, sour creams, cheese and icecreams.

    -Avoid heavy chocolate chip cookies, butter biscuits, cakes, donuts, brownies and other baked food items.


    -Don't overload your stomach. A simple vegetable stew will help you the most. Read more here:plus size prom dresses uk

  • Restaurant review: Paprika (Global)

    Restaurant review: Paprika (Global)
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    Decor A little lonely because metro work is playing spoilsport, Paprika, the 24-hour dining option at Courtyard by Marriott, does have a smattering of loyalists. Nothing much has changed as far as the decor is concerned. The glass frontage lets bright sunlight in. Large pillars support a high ceiling and also provide hiding places for those who don't want to be seen in this otherwise open restaurant. Colour scheme-wise, neutral brown and creams dominate, with a smattering of interesting wall displays.


    Plants, bamboos and glass icicle-shaped installations occupy the vision, before we move on to ogle the food at the buffet counter that occupies an entire section of Paprika. Hot pizzas float past, their aroma — tempting. But, we are not here to eat their scrumptious buffet, but to try the new Japanese inclusions in the restaurant's new menu.

    We were told there was some fresh catch sushi, which we never got to taste. Instead, we are presented with shrimp noodle soup. We are totally taken in by the prawn noodles in dashi broth. It has mirin — a rice wine, less in alcoholic content. Little bursts of crisp beads burst in our mouth as the flavours enchant our senses. Just as we are spooning the last dregs of the soup, a fresh, bursting-with-crispness bowl of tofu tomato sarda is placed before us, along with a pair of chopsticks. We are happy to eat those beautiful sweet crab sticks and the salty, crunchy fish with tofu and tomato.

    Tuna tataki takes a lot of labour, but the end result is deliciously smoky. Its salty flavours bring out the fishiness of the tuna, while wasabi adds to its pungency.

    What completely overwhelms is the main course: tori teriyaki. Packed with a lot more than flavours, it has interesting textures — soft on the inside, and crunchy crisp on the outside. It's served with rice. It could be rather dry, which kind of mutes it. Another main, the yasai tandon, has rice topped with vegetable tempura soaked in a mild, sweet tendon sauce. The Japanese don't really smother their rice with gravy, we learn. Tastes are enhanced with pickled veggies. Then, there's the yaki udon, which is stir-fried noodles, made on a teppan. Best eaten hot, the noodles could lose their flavour if you let them get cold. The best thing about Japanese food is that you can eat any amount and not gain weight, unless you gorge on deep-fried tempura.

    We are expecting something equally exotic and Japanese for dessert. Instead, we get a fancy-looking tiramisu and chocolate brownie. They're nice, but... we are slightly disappointed.

    Pluses and minuses: Getting into Courtyard by Marriott can be bothersome. Especially if you miss the IN gate. But all that effort is worth it simply because of the food.

    Rating -- Food: 4.00; Service: 4.00; Decor: 3.50

    Address: Courtyard by Marriott, 564, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai


    Meal for 2: Rs2,500. Read more here:prom dresses for women